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by BillyBadBreaksAlterEgo
08 Jul 2006, 02:19
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Topic: The Who
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James Blast wrote:my back
:notworthy: :lol: :notworthy:
by BillyBadBreaksAlterEgo
05 Jul 2006, 02:47
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Topic: James Blast is?
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My Blast is.....

I could have fun with this one, but I won't :innocent:

James is a diamond geezer!
by BillyBadBreaksAlterEgo
16 Sep 2005, 15:42
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Topic: Currently pleasuring myself with
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Re: Currently pleasuring myself with

Ed Rhombus wrote:...
According to Ivor Biggun.....

"I've used a badger, and a mellon and a cat, an inflatable Linda Lovelace and a Davey Crocket hat!"

by BillyBadBreaksAlterEgo
30 May 2005, 19:59
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Topic: 'new' stuff
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James Blast wrote:no you're not
a Hun, aye Image
Thanks James! Dr. Jeff here on my home PC (where I COULD not figure out how to use my BBB account!) :oops:

PS I am a Hun bastard! :wink: