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by DReifZ
11 Jan 2021, 13:53
Forum: Sisters Chat
Topic: But Genevieve
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Re: But Genevieve

Might be an unpopular opinion, but at this point I don't even know if i want anything new from the sisters. There is some kind of glamour about Von being that ghostly figure who appairs on the smoke filled stage once in a while, mumbles throgh some old songs while completely ignoring the audience an...
by DReifZ
11 Jan 2021, 13:37
Forum: Sisters Chat
Topic: Gift reissue plus extras
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Re: Gift reissue plus extras

My guess is that there will be no real news on this until they can finally tour again. If AE is actually considering a new release, be it a single or a Gift reissue, it will be done like a week before the tour. That way they can sell it during the gigs while it's still fresh.
by DReifZ
17 May 2020, 12:11
Forum: Sisters Chat
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iesus wrote:Antother one atudio cover of Black Sail cover by Tobias Forsner

Guten Tag

:notworthy: :notworthy:

Don't like that ticking drum machine sound. Otherwise a nice one :)
by DReifZ
09 Jul 2014, 04:06
Forum: 2014 tour - Ever Forward
Topic: 08.07.2014 Belfast Mandela Hall
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centurionofprix wrote:Lucretia
Is that a cookie monster on vocals? :eek:
by DReifZ
02 Jun 2011, 21:38
Forum: Sisters Chat
Topic: New March Violets video: "Dandelion King"
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No sense of humour, dude?
by DReifZ
02 Jun 2011, 21:09
Forum: Sisters Chat
Topic: New March Violets video: "Dandelion King"
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Why does in the beginning of the vid Simon's beard is totally white, and later it's black? Some reference to Osama?
by DReifZ
04 Apr 2011, 21:54
Forum: Sisters Chat
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Maybe no one would agree with me, but Cradle of filth - No time to cry sounds especially great for me. Though I do not adore CoF too much. Lambchop's version of This Corrosion also very good. And Lucretia by Kreator. Really prefer covers made in different genres to the original ones. But not Scooter...
by DReifZ
04 Apr 2011, 21:46
Forum: Sisters Chat
Topic: What are you favorite sisters songs?
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1. Romeo Down
2. War on Drugs
3. Marian
4. No time to cry
5. Logic
6. Summer
7. Giving Ground
8. Ribbons
9. Lucretia
10. Flood pt. 2

And many f**king MORE :von:
by DReifZ
21 Mar 2011, 18:15
Forum: Sisters Chat
Topic: Songs that were never played live Poll!
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And what about Lights? Or have they played it in any time?
by DReifZ
08 Aug 2010, 18:39
Forum: 2010/2011 tours - 30th Anniversary
Topic: Sisters @ Lokerse feesten 2010
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Rain from heaven video kicks ass. The best sound quality by far. And really nice photos. You can see that Von has eyes on the second pic. I have allways thougth that he is a vampire, who can see clearly in the dark and is afraid of daylight, but his eyeball seems to be quite similar to that which hu...
by DReifZ
06 Aug 2010, 22:35
Forum: Sisters Resources
Topic: Another Request? Doc Pics
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Offstage 2006

The band with Simon

Simon, Chris and a fan
by DReifZ
06 Aug 2010, 22:27
Forum: 2010/2011 tours - 30th Anniversary
Topic: Sisters @ Royal Leamington Spa 03/08/2010
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Has anyone a video of Body Electric?