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by morph
15 Dec 2021, 20:51
Forum: Sisters Chat
Topic: Gary Marx interviewed by Mark Andrews
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Re: Gary Marx interviewed by Mark Andrews

Lovely interview - thank you, Mark!!
by morph
12 Dec 2021, 21:09
Forum: Announcements
Topic: Heartland FORUM THING T-shirt
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Re: Heartland FORUM THING T-shirt

Sorry for the terribly late addition to this thread but I never received the one I ordered back in August (31st).

No worries but would love to have one someday.

by morph
21 Nov 2021, 19:04
Forum: General Chat
Topic: Hello to Heartland
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Re: Hello to Heartland

I'm overdue to post a "Hello, Heartland!" as well.

I have been a long time lurker, and embarrassingly long while ago, and wish I'd said Hello long ago...

I love this site!
by morph
19 Nov 2021, 05:44
Forum: Sisters Chat
Topic: Streaming the sisters
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Re: Streaming the sisters

Doubtless there are others who can speak with considerably more authority on the matter, but I believe that the two versions come down, partly, to the two different releases of Some Girls…. There was an initial version in 1992, and then it was re-mastered later, and had some additional tracks tacked...
by morph
31 Aug 2021, 23:58
Forum: Sisters Chat
Topic: RSD BBC Sessions release
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Re: RSD BBC Sessions release

I finally received a CD copy in the post today and am listening to it right now on nice headphones. My impressions are not out of alignment with others expressed here for the most part. The 82 and 83 sessions sound great to my ears, and I do appreciate having Floorshow not warp-hiccup a few seconds ...