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by alanm
20 Jul 2020, 07:39
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Topic: Black Sail
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Re: Black Sail

I posted it lightheartedly in a thread elsewhere , but I'm pasting it here for posterity because I'm not really joking, I think there's an argument to be made that it's all about... not releasing albums. It's all one big troll. And in a gap between the stars. > stars = released albums There is no ca...
by alanm
17 Jul 2020, 09:00
Forum: Sisters Chat
Topic: But Genevieve
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Re: But Genevieve

I mean come to think of it this is what Black Sail is all about: A top notch troll all round. And in a gap between the stars. > stars = released albums There is no captain till you do. > Von will do whatever the f$ck he pleases We threw a line; we did not deep it. > he promised a release but didn't ...
by alanm
25 Jun 2020, 14:49
Forum: Sisters Chat
Topic: covers you'd like to see
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covers you'd like to see

As in song covers. Been a lot over the years. Which would you fancy to seeing next?

Somewhat in line with AE's stated goal of being a gay icon, I propose Sinaed O'Connor - No Man's Woman.
by alanm
23 Jun 2020, 14:09
Forum: Sisters Chat
Topic: 1984 Peel Session on Spotify
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Spotify stats pulled for the curious monthly listeners| followers TSOM 453460 | 204686 Joy Division 3544432 | 1342596 New Order 4924914 | 1198658 The Cure 9878046 | 2589412 The Cult 1606508 | 353398 Motorhead 3683053 | 2233188 Leonard Cohen 3162687 | 1904876 Suicide 362700 | 95577 The M****** 171717...