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by Moderate Mick
21 Jan 2021, 20:17
Forum: Sisters Chat
Topic: Live Stream
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Re: Live Stream

Yes his voice isn’t up to it.
Irritatingly the only scenario that could truly hid his vocal deficiencies is new studio recordings...
by Moderate Mick
21 Jan 2021, 19:03
Forum: Sisters Chat
Topic: Latest Sisters purchase
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Re: Latest Sisters purchase

The thing I want to buy is new music.
Andrew is going to run out of tee shirt sales soon.
I can see no gigs in 2021 now that Glastonbury is cancelled for 2021.
It’s going to be a straight choice soon, release new music or retire.
by Moderate Mick
21 Jan 2021, 18:55
Forum: Sisters 2020
Topic: Now Sisters 2021
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Re: Now Sisters 2021

For a lot of acts on the heritage circuit it will soon be a choice of being forced to release new product or retirement.
by Moderate Mick
12 Nov 2020, 13:55
Forum: Sisters Chat
Topic: But Genevieve
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Re: But Genevieve

A very interesting thread with lots of smart comments. Andrew has left it far to late to be a pop star. That ship has sailed. His voice isn’t up to much but that can be sorted in the recording studio. It’s now a few questions. Is the touring and tee shirts his job now? Will Covid force him to look e...
by Moderate Mick
10 Nov 2020, 14:06
Forum: Sisters Chat
Topic: Gift reissue plus extras
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Re: Gift reissue plus extras

Long time lurker and my first post. I was a bit late to TSOM and I’m not one of the original fans but still getting on a bit. Most of us must have this on CD or vinyl so it’s about the extra tracks and the first ever digital release for me. I can’t separate this potential release from the BBC puttin...