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by madderloss
27 Jun 2022, 16:03
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Eldritch's driver's license test mentioned in the news (1989)

I was leafing through some old music magazines. The following fun "fact" was printed in the news in brief column of a Norwegian magazine, alongside other news such as the new cassette type C100, which could fit two average CDs, and Adrian Borland's first solo album. Getting a driver's license can be...
by madderloss
26 Jun 2022, 11:51
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Topic: Translated "Nye takter" interview - Norway 1985
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Translated "Nye takter" interview - Norway 1985

This article was written in connection with the concert of May 16th 1985 in Oslo, and the release of "First And Last And Always" in Norway the following day. Translated article follows - caveat lector. Magazine: "Nye takter", no. 123, July 3rd, 1985 (NORWAY) Title: Legends of rock - do they exist? ...