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by eotunun
02 Dec 2005, 04:08
Forum: Lyrics
Topic: Under the Gun
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It`s the ever late eotunun again.. :D To me the Under The Gun has allways been a sum up of the split in 1986 and a (self glorifying.. :innocent: ) summary to the proceedings around "Gift". To shoot " out of the sun" is an attack practice known from the early days of air combat, most oftenly used by ...
by eotunun
02 Dec 2005, 02:16
Forum: Lyrics
Topic: Alice
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:idea: Alice gets to Wonderland through a mirror. Then, mirrors and razors get used quite frequenly to consume distinct stuff? So maybe Alice uses that mirror for the first time and - Voila! Everything is interesting and new.. I could well imagine that in the original story this was an inspiration, ...
by eotunun
23 Nov 2005, 02:00
Forum: General Chat
Topic: Dear Doktor
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Maybe you have to watch the carbon hydrates closer now, but what is better than beating your teeth in a steak and have a good fresh salad with it? I was "Nanny" for a 6 year old boy, a son of Friends, who caught type I diabetes and some other metabolistic malfunction, and I Know it´s no fun, but yo...
by eotunun
21 Nov 2005, 05:21
Forum: Joke of the Day
Topic: 12/11/05 Does what it says on the tin
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If you studied at a german university, you´d be familiar with all of that from your mensa. (I´m not quite sure if you use that term in the english language, let´s say the difference between the food quality of a mensa and a restaurant equals the difference in beauty of Marilyn Monroe in 1960 and ...
by eotunun
03 Oct 2005, 04:28
Forum: Joke of the Day
Topic: 8th sept 2005
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I finally understand why Eldo doesn´t like Goths...
by eotunun
03 Oct 2005, 03:33
Forum: Joke of the Day
Topic: 02/10/05
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Bad prospects..

Looks like a helicopter crashed on a lawnmower.

What time is it when an elephant sits on your cat?
In this case, agood one...