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by Rise891
22 Apr 2009, 23:22
Forum: Sisters Chat
Topic: Dominion Mailing List
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Whereas Heartland always stays on topic?
by Rise891
17 Apr 2009, 22:06
Forum: 2008/2009 tours
Topic: No news?
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Von is fine, South America will go on as scheduled.
by Rise891
16 Apr 2009, 07:52
Forum: 2008/2009 tours
Topic: Thessaloniki - 12/04/2009
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I also hope Von is well. Seems ill be going to Mexico City, so I guess im selfish also. Sorry it would be under such conditions, but I was trying to imagine Simon singing lead on Vision thing......
by Rise891
09 Apr 2009, 09:29
Forum: 2008/2009 tours
Topic: June 10 Mexico City - POSTPONED
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I REALLY want to go to this, but I am now hearing my life would be in danger?? What gives? Is it that bad there?
by Rise891
01 Apr 2009, 04:56
Forum: Trading
Topic: Gatefold magician on ebay
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So i'm coming out of lurking so to speak:) My first post on Heartland. I have the silver and blue test sleeves as well. I also have the gatefold letter W. Hello to everyone I know, and hi to the rest of you!