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by Drsisters
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Topic: What is the most expensive record you ever have bought ?
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Hmm, must be Halloween´s Day and Armageddon Outtakes
by Drsisters
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Topic: the unmarked door.....
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Live at the Melkweg - Amsterdam 02.06.1984
Sisters :
Recorded from the mixing desk. Official live recordings from a mixing desk have audience noise put on later to give it more a live feelin.

The Ohm is recorded by someone in the crowd during the Heidelberg gig.
by Drsisters
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Topic: quizzes anyone?
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Will create a quizzy when i get sorber or at least have played at least 30 quizzys as funtrivia wants me to do :wink:
by Drsisters
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Topic: Wanna buy?
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There are both con artists on ebay, netsounds and gemm.
But i have been lucky enought no meet a con artist so far beside T. Dorf.
T. Dorf can you meet everywhere even in reality
by Drsisters
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Topic: best cover?
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Fave covers: Comfortably Numb/Some Kind Of Stranger. London 21.12.93 is still the No 1 performance of the song, never been better before or after :wink: Confide In Me. Glauchau 97, what a night. Sister Ray medly. Rendsburg 97, brilliant night as well. worst covers ? Stop Dragging My Heart Around in ...
by Drsisters
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Topic: Alice black/white cover is a bootleg
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mr tin can, i am really interested how do you know the
gold/white alice is a bootleg ? I always thought it was a misspress.
by Drsisters
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Topic: Los Angeles 91 Bootleg?
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Not one of my 91 fave boots.

05.04.91 Chicago, Riviera Theatre bootleg is way better, especially as they play 1969 as the fourth song in the setlist and not as a encore.

also 25.08.91 Reading, Reading Rock Festival bootleg is splendid.