Happy birthday ROBBIE

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Have a splendid day of cakes :D
Just like the old days

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Planet Dave
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Happy Birthday! :cool:
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A very Happy Birthday to you!

:D :D
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Happy Birthday!
I just can't keep living on dreams no more
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HBD and best wishes ... :D :D :D ...
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happy nirthday dude. have a wicked one 8)
"Well I was handsome and I was strong
And I knerw the words to every song
Did my singing please you?
No! the words you sang were wrong"

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Happy B-Day :bat: :bat:
Goths play Golf too ...
"Someday! Someday, everything you need, is just gonna fall out of the sky..." -A.E. Reading 1991
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Thank you all 🙃

Gutted we didn’t win the Footie league this time but it was tempered with cake and pizza (not necessarily in that order.)
"The ghost of war, the painted whore, dial up one nine one four - it's a far parade." TSOM 2009
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