James Blaast....R.I.P..

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Utterly Bastard Groovy Amphetamine Filth
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I don't really post here any longer. .but I thought I would resurface to inform the forum that Mr James Blaast passed away yesterday evening. ..I for one was sad to hear this news, as it was sudden and unexpected. ...R.I.P James Blaast. .get pished. .destroy. .
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Sad, sad news... RIP uncle James :cry:
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sam1 wrote:I don't really post here any longer. .but I thought I would resurface to inform the forum that Mr James Blaast passed away yesterday evening. ..I for one was sad to hear this news, as it was sudden and unexpected. ...R.I.P James Blaast. .get pished. .destroy. .
Oh s**t! :(
This is a real shock.
RIP Blaast.
Just like the old days

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Quiff Boy
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Sad times. RIP James.

Here's me and James a few years ago doing Serious Business.

Godspeed, big fella.

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lazarus corporation
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Very sad news. Rest in peace, James.
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goriller of form 3b
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I'm absolutely gutted.
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No, no, no, no.

James was always an utter gent to me. Admittedly, my life meant I did not keep in touch as regularly as I should and so I am now shrouded in guilt. He was so kind to me when I needed a shoulder to unload on to.

A genuine rest in peace

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Outside the Simian Flock
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God I'm gutted to hear this. I'm happy I made the effort to go and visit him when in Glasgow to see the Sisters last year. Sent him a message on his birthday earlier this week and got to see a nice photo of him in his glory days together with a girl he obviously still adored. It was heart warming.

I'll never forget you.

Thanks for everything.

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Above the Chemist
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Very sad to hear that... :( :( :( ... I found him a lovely person with a remarkable and demanding high level of humour and a big heart, and always enjoyed the bouts we used to have about The Sisters and stuff ...

I really had wished for him some more and good time ... :( ...

Rest in peace, James.
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Nikolas Vitus Lagartija
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Terrible news, a real shock.
He recently posted (a typically forthright heartfelt opinion) on one of the TSOM FB forums and will be much missed.
Condolences to all who knew him well. RIP.
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A shame - I always rather liked him. A gentle soul wrapped in a curmudgeonly exterior. RIP.
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The Oncoming Storm
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Heartbroken. I hope we can attend his funeral.
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Planet Dave
Underneath the Rock
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Very sad news, my abiding memory of the fella is That Day In May 2006. Bizarrely he even enjoyed the gig :von:

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Above the Chemist
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This wasn't what I'd expected to see this morning. :(

Times like this there's a tendency to eulogise but as the man himself would say: GET BENT!

Blast was no angel, he knew it and we loved him for it.

Farewell old buddy, onward flies the bird.
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paint it black
Black, black, black & even blacker
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Farewell to HL first overbomber. :(
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Sad news indeed. For all his apparent misanthropy I liked the guy. Wherever he is now, I hope he's tweaking the nipples of the great and the good.

Night night, Mr. Blast.
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Faster Than The Light Of Speed
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no fucking way. thats really upset me. for all he was a curmudgeonly old git when he wanted to be he was also kind and generous and funny. i was just thinking the other day i should befriend him on fb and get back in touch....just shows we shouldnt put these things off.

RIP Mr Blast. forever may you journey on the edge of time.
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Gonzoid Amphetamine Filth
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Always sad news.hope he trips the light fantastic..
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Big Si
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RIP Hotblack. Had some of the best times of my life discussing music and drinking beer, whilst BBQing at 4 in the morning on your back Patio.

Wyrd bið ful aræd...

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Slight Overbomber
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Oh s**t, terrible news.
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My Dominion
Utterly Bastard Groovy Amphetamine Filth
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When my website came online in 2007 James was sharp with his critism.
He send a message on this forum "it's been 12 hours now since I first clicked your link MD
I have remained silent, so far... sorry, but it really pishes me off"

It was about a comic sans letter type I have used and that was total out of order. Later on I changed the letter type and James helped me out with some issues. Also he made for me my logo that was for along time on my site in the early days.

When I was visiting the gig in Glasgow in October in 2015 Zeno did have James on the Phone and he said hello to me. In his words "Hello Bert do you remember me ? I helped you out with the logo and other stuff".


Thank you for everything James !
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Slight Overbomber
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very sad news...RIP
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Utterly Bastard Smurph
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Very sad news indeed. I met Mr B many years ago and liked him a lot. He was a character indeed online, and challenging but im sure will be missed.

A world goes on with a bit less colour and flavour in it.

We will be remembering you Nov 11th.

Rest easy.
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Slight Overbomber
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The big man is gone. A legend in his own right. RIP
Slight Overbomber
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Sorry to hear this.
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