Our Friends in Texas

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Gonzoid Amphetamine Filth
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Hey all,

I know that Sultan2075 hails from the Lone Star State and I am sure others do. I hope you are all safe and well, I hope it will all be okay.

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Same from here.
I have some good friends there but most are further North.
Those I've heard from in Austin are okay, but fingers crossed for anyone there or who has loved ones there.
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Above the Chemist
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And from me too.
I think of that flooding rain all the time and hope for everybody to be safe ...
such a lot of water, water, water ... and damned Harvey is circulating again and again ...
Loads of good luck and all it takes to those affected, Texas, Louisiana and where ever else!!! And also in the long run ... :? ...
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zaltys7 wrote:Hey all,

I know that Sultan2075 hails from the Lone Star State and I am sure others do. I hope you are all safe and well, I hope it will all be okay.

Thank you for thinking of us. I'm in DC now, but Texas will always be my home. This is heartbreaking for me.
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Amphetamine Filth
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Very sad and scary. I was born in Houston. Didn't live there for very long, but my folks still have friends there. They seem to be doing okay. Love and best wishes.
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Gonzoid Amphetamine Filth
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My brothers family moved from Houston just a month ago. Phew.
Thoughts go to anyone still there.
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Gonzoid Amphetamine Filth
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I lived there for a very ill-fated two months, myself.

We need to prepare for an era of massive storms like this. Pressure your MoC to adapt while there is still time to prepare.

Much love and support to those in Houston. If you're inclined to donate, don't forget about the animals. Here is a pet reunion group: https://bestfriends.org/lost-and-found- ... gInSvD_BwE
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Having worked in the floods of Bonn in 1993 and 1995, I have a rough idea what is going on in Houston right now. And it scares me crapless.
Best wishes.
The work only just begins when the water is gone. We can make bets when the storm to set new records will make its landfall. Since 1995, Bonn was lucky, though. I hope the same will go for Houston. :|
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