RIP Terry Jones

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Mr Creosote has had his last waffer thin mint :(
Just like the old days

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Planet Dave
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RIP mister funnyman. I have not-so-fond memories of sneakingly watching the VHS of that as a teen but getting busted due to laughing like a drain as he unloaded his innards on that poor lass cleaning up. My very catholic parents went f**king berserk with me :lol: so cheers for that Mr Jones!
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Aw how sad.
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Aw no. I knew he was very unwell so in one sense it is a release, but that nver takes away from the sadness of the occasion.
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very sad news. RIP Terry :(
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Rip Mr.Terry Jones and thank you for all the laughs you share with the rest of us :( :( :cry:
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Big Si
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RIP Terry. Thank you for making me both laugh and learn. Your Comedic endeavours were always superb and I learnt a lot from your Books and TV Programmes on Topics of History, that I always found inspiring :(
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Sad news, indeed ... the world is clearly less funny now ... R.I.P. Mr Jones ...
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Even though his condition was well known it is still a sad information.

Thanks for all laughs and wit that you brought.
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Terryble news.
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