DYLAN (Bob) & Murder Most Foul

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Randall Flagg
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Whatever your perspective on Bob Dylan, his new song released this morning deserves a listen.

The more I hear it the more I hear and there are shades of Von's writing in their - or vice versa most likely - never really struck me before - but its startling here.

Wonderful words for the strangest of times.


https://www.bbc.com/news/entertainment- ... zUUF2txdXc
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Yeah, this is a good song. It's weird to hear my old neighborhood described in a song in such detail. We used to live about a 10 minute walk east of where it happened, right on the border between downtown and Deep Ellum.
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Especially loved the A Nightmare on Elm St reference (natch)
Mr Alphabet
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Wolfman howl indeed. Perfect timing Bob, coinciding with the grandchildren's Timber.

Von's getting a lot of hits too with the Body Electric flipside.

May justice be finally done, and maybe even jr...
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