RIP Florian Schneider

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:cry: :notworthy:
....if I have to explain, then you'll never understand....
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Another loss for 2020 :(
Rip :notworthy:
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... :( :( :( ...

At least they are doing a Tonart Special on Kraftwerk @Deutschlandradio Kultur tonight, which started at 12am and is going to last until 5am ... ... =undefined

Rest in peace, Florian Schneider ... :notworthy: :notworthy: :notworthy: ...
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RIP electro genius dude :( :notworthy:
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Cracked open an ale in tribute last night. May he have fun fun fun on the great autobahn in the sky :cry:
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Wolfgang posted this without comment last week and then re-posted with this message this morning -
Wolfgang Flür wrote:happy to had this nice and forgiving moment with my old mate Florian at our favored restaurant, talking about our 14 together years and hearing his words: "these were the best, Wolfgang"!
RIP Florian. Thank you for the Music :(
Wyrd bið ful aræd...

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completely missed this. :(

Pioneer. Legend. Genius. RIP :notworthy:
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