Happy birthday Big Si

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The bird man of Heartland :)
Cakes dude. Lots of them :D
Just like the old days

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Happy birthday!
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Happy birthday Si! have a wicked day! 8)
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Happy B-Day Si :) :bat:
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Happy Birthday and best wishes for a lovely day and a wonderful year to come to you ... :D :D :D ...
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All the best, mate! 👍
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A very Happy Birthday to you!

:D :D
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Thank you all for the Birthday Wishes :D

Up at 4am to be collected at 5am to start hiking by 7am and be on A Mountain top by 10am. Almost didn't happen as the continuous Downpour of Rain all the way from Glasgow to the top of Loch Lomond began to get even worse the moment we arrived at the "Base Camp" of the Mountain we'd chosen to ascend. So after a quick chat and thoughts of "should we just drive back to Glesga and hope for better weather next Saturday?", we diverted to the Arrochar Alps of Loch Long where it was drizzle instead of Saturation. 1 hour into the walk and a patch of Blue Sky along with Mr Sun and a Rainbow appeared to cheer the 3 of us up on what turned out to be a nice but rather long 6 hour walk. We still got soaked in the very Low Cloud that was up on the higher slopes and the summit though :lol:

Back at the Car Park by 1pm and some Cake (I even brought some Candles :wink: ) was finally consumed.

An early night for me tonight though ;D
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happy birthday!
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all the best, big fella 🎂
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Sounds like it was a top day, nice one!
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Belated Happy Birthday. I still owe you a drink from Whitby :)
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Make that 2 drinks. HPD
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Belated Happy Birthday Si, sounds like an invigorating day :D
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