It’s radio dad, but not as you know it (podcasts I’m currently listening to)

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Didn’t find a thread for pods, and it’s a medium I enjoy a lot.

I’m not necessarily cutting a rug to them, so it wouldn’t go there.

I’m not necessarily watching them, so it wouldn’t go there either.

And I’m obviously not reading them (other than the show notes) so it wouldn’t fit there.

Anyway, I’ve been enjoying this series on the history of Joy Division on YooChoobs. A band who’s music I really enjoy but who’s history I know very little of. Highly entertaining and informative

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I've never been a podcast fan, and I couldn't give you a reason why, but this week I have been listening to one on Spotify which is essentially a couple of guys talking through the latest episode of Wandavision. For 2 hours. And if it's taught me anything, it's that my knowledge of the Marvel universe is much poorer than I thought.
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