Happy birthday 6FeetOver

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Arra best Erika & hope that your cake day is a wonderful one :D
Just like the old days

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sam donut
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Happy Birthday!
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Mad Mental Bat
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a very happy birthday to you dear Erika! :kiss:

hope you have had an awesome day and even better evening sweetheart!

sending you loads of love xxx
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THANK YOU!!! Cake Day has been pretty quiet thus far; still working from home and social-distancing. Ho-hum. Got a lovely gift from DH, though; hint: I'll be playing a lot of Animal Crossing and Mario Kart in the very near future! HA!

Much love to you all!!! :notworthy: :notworthy: :notworthy: ;D :bat: :von:
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Happy birthday!
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Congrats & best wishes ... :) :) :) ...
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Happy birthday !
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goriller of form 3b
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Ooh gosh I'm a dozy so-and-so for missing this.

Belated Bappy Hirthday! :kiss:
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