Dylan Smith

Know the whereabouts of any ex-Sisters members or hangers-on? Got any amusing anecdotes about members of the band, past or present? Post 'em here...
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headcleaner2k wrote:
15 Nov 2023, 23:04

Who's the replacement?
The replacement, presumed temporary until proven otherwise, is Kai from Esprit D'Air. There's a ton of full show videos on YT from the current European tour, feel free to check them out, he's pretty good, which is of course a total understatement.

However utterly bastard groovy Kai may be, it is indeed a shame about Dylan. The thread covering the first night at the Roundhouse in the Live section here on HL offers description of events, and of course more than a ton of wild speculation. His departure (aka sacking) is sad, but life goes on.
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As you can read on his Instagram page, Dylan is apparently officially out. If I interpret that correctly...
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A short conversation between myself and Dylan on insta:

eastmidswhizzkid: Hi Dylan, thank you for everythijng you did in the Sisters. We appreciaed it and love you man

Dylan Smith : "@lee_whizzkid Thank you for your kind words and support. I am proud of what we managed to achieve in my time in the band. I was a fan before I joined and still am. Catch you round 😎"

eastmidswhizzkid: "@dylan_chrisford_smith Peace & Love Sister Dylan. Always"
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BTW- if youre on insta check out the little vid that this chat is under - that tune he is playing would have been a great Sisters song wouldnt it....
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