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Posted: 01 Jul 2004, 21:10
by Blondelass
Jim wrote:Hey Quiffy!

You weren't at the New Roscoe gig about a year and a half/2 years ago were you?

I was there.

My brother's band is Liquid Head who were supporting them.

My brother (the lead singer) got talking to Martin Degfield(?) about the "old days" and he replied that he can't remember any of it coz he was too out of his head on various drug-like substances :lol:

Posted: 01 Jul 2004, 22:22
by James Blast
Degville on drugs, never?

Posted: 19 Aug 2004, 07:46
by olivia ramirez
JB wrote: The end of an ara. The loss of a very good friend.:cry:
The end of an ara? You sacrifice parrots when you lose a pair of pants?? :lol:


Posted: 26 Sep 2004, 08:52
Managed to catch Carbon/Silicon gig at the Rock Cafe in Stourbridge last week.... I was very impressed. Tony James, whose career for me has been one of alternating highs and lows, really proved himself to be an excellent musician, playing six string guitar alongside Mick Jones admirably, the mutual admiration of each simply oozing from the stage. I wasn't sure about the pairing initially, but for an out and out rock band (with a few sampled bits and bobs) they were great, and the mainly Clash based audience seemed to agree.
For quite a new project (albeit with some shall we say seasoned vets) the gig had the feel of a band who have played for some years, with most of the songs lasting more than 8 mins or so, and turning into improvised jams.
I guess I was most impressed with Tony James.... he looks a bit different now(aue naturalle) , and this, coupled with his guitar playing, sort of helped me get the joke a bit in relation to previous ventures. I would go so far to say that of all the bands he's been in, he seems most at ease with this one.
Welcome back to the high's Tony

Posted: 12 Apr 2011, 11:42
by vicus
Happy Birthday, Mr. James!

Posted: 01 Nov 2011, 22:29
by vicus :eek:

saw him in the "Lemmy"-movie btw...

Posted: 27 Jul 2016, 10:26
by eastmidswhizzkid
new interview from the anti-bass: clicky

Posted: 27 Dec 2016, 16:24
by Fixater
The Sputnik World website has been revamped since the original post was made.
Tony does mention meeting Eldritch after a gig at the Embassy Club.
Not sure if Eldritch did anything more than talk to Tony at the time, but drummer Ray Mayhew recalls him visiting 3 Pindock Mews.

Posted: 24 Feb 2017, 20:32
by elamanamou
Never knew until recently TJ dated Janet Street Porter ;D