Gary Marx - What a nice man.

Know the whereabouts of any ex-Sisters members or hangers-on? Got any amusing anecdotes about members of the band, past or present? Post 'em here...
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Dark wrote: I hope he releases some new stuff, and maybe some old stuff too (those fabled vids of Celebrate/DTTW maybe?)
Anne-Marie has those vids in her loft! I saw them recently when getting some material for her various websites which my other-half helps maintain for her. We were looking through all sorts of stuff.

Next time I see AM I'll ask about putting the GD promos on her Youtube channel, (which I help look after for her).
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You are a star, John! :notworthy:
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Any news from him? 1995 And Nowhere and Pretty Black Dots are great stuff, so it would be a shame if we would have to wait a few more years for a new release...but we´re used to that from others...
@Quiff Boy: what happened to the GD website?
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Cedarjet wrote:... what happened to the GD website?
Moved, due to too much spamming, AFAIK .... :wink: ...
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