Michael Varjak

Know the whereabouts of any ex-Sisters members or hangers-on? Got any amusing anecdotes about members of the band, past or present? Post 'em here...
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wolffsongs (publishing company for a few sisters-related artists past & present) has a biography for him:
wolffsongs.de wrote:MICHAEL VARJAK


Originally born in Kroatia, Michael Varjak moved to England in the early eighties to take part in different music projects from now on. His first serious carreer station was the formation CONSPIRACY that released an album via London Records. Throughout the following years Michael mainly did studio work for several bands until he got the chance to join THE SISTERS OF MERCY as a guitar player.

Surely, the SISTERS can be described as his most important musical period so far. At countless concerts all across Europe (Berlin, London, Prague, Bussels. Vienna, Porto...), the USA and Mexico, Varjak showed impressively that he was able to coin the sound of the british cult band around Andrew Eldritch and Adam Pearson for quite some time.

Not only with his powerful and dynamic guitar playing, but most notably as a writer of one of the best new SISTERS songs, "We Are The Same, Susanne" and co - writer of "Will I Dream?" (together with Adam Pearson) (both songs not yet released on record), Michael Varjak earned permanent respect by both, fans and critics.

After his departure from the SISTERS in late 1999, he's continuing his carreer as guitar player with the the crazy british electronic / psychedelic outfit JACKIE ON ASSID (feat. Ex - members of ADAM ANT's band).
in case you'd forgotten. :)
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I didn't know he is from Croatia...
My God...
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Not news, I know, but Mike was a great asset to The Sisters live sound. Just listen to Forum 98, Los Angeles 99 or any of those 97/98 Summer festival shows. I don't think any of the subsequent Sisters guitar duos have delivered quite the same 'bite'.
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Not correct. He is actually Serbian, born in BELGRADE , SERBIA 1958.
I kind of know him. I'm his only child.
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hmmm... you have a good looking father! :D
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Mike pretty much jumped ships.

MM - Introduce the band to us.
Basically JackieOnAssid is me .. I play a lot of the instruments in the studio and for the live stuff pull in musicians. Mike Varjak from "THE SISTERS OF MERCY " has played guitar on a lot of the Tracks ... Kevin 'See You ' will be playing guitar on the next set of live dates ... he is a young cute French guy ... and I will be announcing the other members soon ...

MM - When was the band formed and how did you all meet?
I met Mike Varjak in Re-Hab ..and Kevin was the cleaner for my apartment. I caught him playing my guitar, sacked him as my cleaner and employed him for "JACKIE"


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Raising the dead / thread to add this. I actually like it.
The mini album is on Spotify.
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d0gbones wrote:Raising the dead / thread to add this. I actually like it.
The mini album is on Spotify.
Oh, interesting. I didn't know that Mike Varjak even released an album in former Yugoslavia
in the 1980s long before he joined The Sisters ... :eek: ... thank you for posting ... :notworthy: :notworthy: ...

* updated the SistersWiki page now ... :) ...
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