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Wrong Location in Vienna

Posted: 11 Aug 2005, 21:56
by TheGoodGuy
Even I am very sensitive to the Sisters being mentioned, I did not have a glimpse they were playing here, until one day before the concert.

So the guys responsible for the marketing - seemingly failed, totally.
I know the Sisters can draw a much larger crowd, if anyone happens to know about their appearance.

The location "Arena" is also inappropriate. Several people were sneaking in from lots of side entrances - while others like me were standing outside, ready to pay a lot for a ticket or two but not getting one.

I was waiting in front for two hours, trying to buy Sisters merchandise. I could not - because unfortunately the merchandise was only sold inside - no ticket, no T-Shirt.

So, even I am a BIG Sisters Fan since many years, I have to say: this combination of bad marketing, bad logistics and bad location was a real turnoff.

Posted: 15 Aug 2005, 08:58
by pandemon
Sorry to hear about your problems...

My wife managed to find the gig and buy two tickets online several weeks before the gig. So even from Sweden it was possible to find the information. Also arriving in Vienna, the first thing we saw when getting out of the train from the airport were two Sisters-posters for the gig. Everywhere in the whole city we saw the same posters as well, so I would say that at least for what we saw they had made a good job advertising it locally in Vienna. But I have no idea how long in advance they put the posters up. As for Arena, getting in to the gig of course demanded a ticket, and merchandise has always been sold inside the venue on gigs I've been to in the past (the exception being festivals...)


Posted: 15 Aug 2005, 11:51
by TheGoodGuy
Well, I suppose the marketing problem is country-specific. I can easily imagine people knew about the concert in Sweden, but not in Vienna. It would not be the first time.

Concerning the location - "Arena" is already a closed venue with several market stands, i could buy food and drinks for the concert there, so there was no obvious reason to sell the merchandise inside the hall only.

Additionally, the management knew that there will be many lost people in front of the hall because they changed the concert to be inside, with very few tickets available.

So it was totally obvious the merchandise would be sold a lot better, if offered in the main venue. It was simply a mistake to lock it in there.

Posted: 15 Aug 2005, 12:52
by pandemon
ah well... the merchandise was sold out anyway I think... but I agree that they could have had it outside... and probably could have kept the concert as first planned on the big stage outside and sold a whole lot more tickets...