Gig reviews, set lists, thoughts, comments and observations on the August 2005 European tour.
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finally, after some days having past by i would like to post my overall thoughts of the sisters 2005 expierience - based on having seen two shows, having heard two others and having read about all of them

the band: loved the band. adam had a great sound, chris did add a lot to the sisters being a live band. andrew cool as ever. not saying much as ever. nerver too much nice words for the fans as ever, never leaving the impression of enjoying it ;-), but just good to see him.
great to having had a some chat with the band. they all were really nice guys.

the music: what a pleasure. even the more common stuff worked out well - really liked will i dream, slept and anaconda that time. c&b was great, ribbons was great. alice, flood1, giving ground were fabulous. f&l&a very good but too fast for me, although great to get the old riff. tol really rocked. the best on the wire in years, the best susanne in years. romeo down just brings you to your knees - i loved this one especially in vienna - i was stunned. again i missed the acoustic guitar in flood 2 - which is a shame as the song does have a spirit i love, especially when the acoustic guitar works out fine. i was wrong always a pleasure - although this one seems to be a little provocation from the band to the audience, as it will never be quiet enough for the band - and i can't hold back from screeming during that one ;-) . neverland again improoved - thx to chris. lucretia also better and better - why the f*** this one has to end in the middle? why not playing it extebnded? the sound is ideal, so why not play it for 10 minutes? i am sure adam and chris would also enjoy to do so. tno depends on the guitarsound - and so it was great that time! vt was great, too.
i was really happy with the sound - clear and enegertic, but creating a complex atmosphere. adams lead-sound was richer that time which is deserved by the songs; played some nice solos. chris added a lot to the incredibly lively atmosphere.
i am wondering why not playing some other tunes - especially as they should be available (which means they are programmed and should not be too hard to rehearse - i hoped to get valentine.)

the fans: thx to everyone i met and had a chat with - that was making the whole thing much more delighting.

the end: the sisters are the sisters. as long as they do something i like i am happy, at least for 90 minutes. death to the sisters - long live the sisters!

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