Moscow 07.12

Gig reviews, set lists, thoughts, comments and observations on the mammoth 2006 25th Anniversary tour.
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Black Planet won't ever happen... there's still time for Marian though...
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ormfdmrush wrote: Image
What the,
blondie looks complete :urff:
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ff wrote:there was information that in moscow was bad show. Regarding information that I was found in russian websites. I cant understand.......... why eldrittch should sing songs from 1985 album...... but in rewiev people want to hear marian, black planet and other songs.....
I only can say.....I was at the Moscow gig....I had the time of my live... :!:
I travelled all the way from The Netherlands to Moscow.
I took the risk......and after the gig I had the feeling I made a very good decision to go.
Great gig, great audience, the longest show played on the total Silver Bullet Tour.
By my opinion everybody had a great time who was at the gig in Club B1 Maximum and I heard nobody who wanted to hear the old songs.
There where no people shouting or requesting (when they where playing) for such kind of songs.
People who have followed The Sisters Of Mercy this year on their Silver Bullet Tour knew what kind of songs they would play.
Maybe in the future they wil play Mariann again
Black Planet....think it will not be in it.

Waiting untill the next time to arrive.........

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