Shameless Eldritch hair question...

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demolitionsisters wrote:What do you need that for? The floodland era's gone for good and von ain't nothing but a mere shadow of his former self these days, I mean look at his siblings ... -music.jpg ... lhomer.jpg ... demort.jpg

:lol: :notworthy: Thanx! Simpsons looks particularly funny to me! Personaly I think that present bald, military image suits him well... a kind of struggling soldier... maybe wrong t-shirts indeed, not trousers... Below is probably how Eldritch might have looked these days with hair. ;D

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i think he'd look more like heino ;D
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Oh my, fancy lady company too!
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Does he or doesn't he?

Take two bottles into the shower?
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Erm. Where is the shameless question?
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Chairman Bux wrote:Does he or doesn't he?

Take two bottles into the shower?
of course he does! :roll:

1. to wash his body
2. to wash the other body hair


1. to wash his body
2. to have a swig of his drink :wink:
here we go again....
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lots of baby oil to shove along your ass ;D
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