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Machine Regime wrote:
markfiend wrote:I just don't like it. I saw Gangwar live back in the early '90s and... wasn't exactly blown away.

Just my opinion though, and I'm aware it's not shared by a lot of folk on here.
Wouldn't worry about it markfiend - if there's a reason Ray can afford to give his entire back catalogue away for free, it's probably not 'cause he's already made so much dough off it he's been able to retire to his own private Caribbean island... :innocent:
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FWIW I think Gangwar live were pretty awesome, the 25men album is one of the best things I've heard in recent years and I like the way Eric keeps reinventing himself plus the world needs more loonies like him :)
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Heard the Tin Star debut a few days ago. Still like it.
Love Ghost Dance.
Like the Marx albums
Like "The Cult" (that album with Craig)
Even like Patsys alb... ehm, EP.
Sometimes I also like the mish (hey, I'm german, so I don't understand the lyrics)
Never got into the starling stuff.

Oh - what about Anabas? ;D
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