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Nyth Grandbeard wrote:
17 Dec 2020, 20:57
I just hope Eldritch has it in him for 1 more album as wishful thinking that is. The most recent material they've shown off in my opinion is some of the strongest they've come up with while on tour, and it's such a travesty that they are relegated to only existing as just live songs. I mean I don't have much right to complain about Eldritch's refusal to make new content as much as all of you seeing as i'm so young and haven't even been around in the fan base until like a year and a half ago.

But still the Sisters have climbed their way to the top of some of my favorite bands and it's really sad that Von sees no need for a new album thanks to his sour experience with WEA, and seeing a quicker return with live shows and merch. I wish he could see it doesn't take a whole studio to make an album anymore. Some people make really professional sounding music in their basements for heavens sake for as little as buying a decent computer and some microphones. Plus he has experience in producing so he wouldn't even need to hire a producer either.

I know i shouldn't get so worked up about it, it's like crying over spilled milk, I get it. But the sisters are truly something special. Sure it's a different line up every album, but that's part of the magic in my eyes. I love when bands take different directions with each album and bring on new perspectives to shape the music (very different end on the musical spectrum but that's why Gorillaz has continued to be one of my favorite bands ever as well.) And the band's current line up has proven more than enough that they have the untapped potential to pull off something on par with FALAA in terms of groundbreaking (at least from what the muffled live shows recordings have taught me lol.)

Sorry that was a little ranty, i'm just really passionate about the sisters and wish to see them grace us with at least one new album before Eldritch is called back to the dimension from whence he came. I wish there was a way we could do a petition or something to send to him, or for him to start a kickstarter or something, but I feel like that's even less likely than him just going back to WEA to sign a new record deal.
Well put about the recording process. And they have less players than when he last recorded an album 30 years ago. I somehow doubt the 300-take efforts to nail down vocals is as painful today with new tools but what do I know.

A record company would help them with distribution and promotion but you're not shipping units to stores anymore with the former and he's not had any of the latter for decades. It has to be easier than ever but I think it's just laziness. The quick return with live shows you mention is definitely dependable and more predictable.
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