"Kierkegaard meets Elvis"?

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Amphetamine Filth
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Can someone tell me where this Eldritch-On-Eldritch quote originally comes from? It's often reused, but ... originally?
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Gonzoid Amphetamine Filth
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I don't know if the reference appeared before '91, but in RIP Magazine (July '91) the writer describes Eldritch as such a mix and then some:

"Why worry about your profile? Why put out something simply for the sake of getting product out? Too many bands do that, largely to their detriment. Look here, if we're going to put out crap, it's because we want to! Because it's the right time to put out crap! And if it's crap, it's the sort of crap we love!" Andrew grins, the perfect cross between Elvis, Kierkegaard and W.C. Fields. An Oxford-educated balance of mirth and menace who just bleeds mystique; an expatriate who revels in the secluded, enigmatic environs of Hamburg, Germany.


Maybe he liked that description and then used it going forward?
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See also, Miami 1991 before Possession: "This one's for a friend of mine called Kierkegaard".
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Above the Chemist
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I remember it from other interviews around this time too, but I can't cite a specific reference. It does indeed seem to be a VT-era construct though.
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Amphetamine Filth
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Also, Melody Maker on Oct 6, 1990.
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"Not me. I have a schooling in a different form of theatre. How I got into Oxford was by knowing about post-war German theatre inside out, and that works on very different principles, with which I'm more familiar."

You bring those into The Sisters Of Mercy?

"I hope so. This sounds outrageous, but I truly believe that you can tell how intelligent a woman is by the way she moves her hips. I really do think you can. And I like a woman who moves her hips intelligently. And I hope there's something about my hips that screams intelligence at 10,000 people every time I take the stage."

Like an end-of-the-millenium Elvis?

"Uh-huh. Elvis meets Kierkegaard."

ARE your criteria the levels of subtlety or crassness with which a woman moves her hips?

"You can tell by looking at her ankles what the rest of her's like. It's the same with horses. Again that sounds outrageous, but I'm sure girls say the same thing about you and me. Well, maybe not about you."
Amphetamine Filth
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Thanks. That must be the earliest use ...
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