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Gig reviews, set lists, thoughts, comments and observations on the 2008/2009 Sisters tour, including the Autumn/Winter 2008 U.S. and European 2009 legs.
Road Kill
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I had my head up my ass last year and missed all North America dates. Any word on the "next time."
Gonzoid Amphetamine Filth
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2011? Don't feel bad sweetie-I missed The Sisters for ten years! :lol:
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The Don
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"I don't remember 2008....Sharon!"
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goriller of form 3b
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Aw damn it man... Sorry, don't know... yet. 8)
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Underneath the Rock
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don't regret that. only one new song. new boring song.
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Above the Chemist
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:lol: ... Bartek!... :lol:
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il duce
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Aw man, that is not fair!
Why did not I miss it too.
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