The Sisters at Sonisphere - 8th-10th July 2011

Gig reviews, set lists, thoughts, comments and observations on the 2010 Sisters dates and the 2011 30th Anniversary tour
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Ania wrote:... However, comparing TSOM to GNRs' reformation - not fair, to say the least...
That only shows that those people didn't follow anything about The Sisters for years.
And now, that things are running a bit better, they were asked to write some commentary ...
At least they did NOT fall back completely into another goth overlord thing but wrote some obviously
cursory summary about leather, karaoke and dance which does clearly show a process of modernisation
within the music press. Hell, better late than never, though it will take them some time to realize the actual state of affairs ... :lol: :lol: ...

Well, what else might count for them is that they obviously want The Sisters' stage performance be improved ...
something the band are doing anyway and continuously during their current XXX Anniversary Tour and with tangibly growing joy ... ;D ;D ;D ... so what ...
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Ania wrote: someone's fake and ironic smiles and then his middle finger :-)
:lol: :lol: thanks for reminding me, it made me laugh.
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