Gig reviews, set lists, thoughts, comments and observations on the 2010 Sisters dates and the 2011 30th Anniversary tour
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panzerfaust wrote:
Being645 wrote:
panzerfaust wrote:dont tell me youre shorter than 1,5m ffs.
Well, 5.5 ft is actually 1.6764 meters ...
nobody likes a smart-ass, they didnt told you that, did they.

and im pretty sure the person who said its 5.5ft actually measured it precisely FFS!
FFS ....Who is "they"?....FFS :P

Are you FFS okay? FFS....what a way of communicating....FFS.... :wink:

Thanks for the setlist Fred! :notworthy:
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warm up drink before the gig

thanks Albert for a tip that they were inside pub :-)
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Fantastic gig in Barcelona!!
Everything was perfect!! I have no words. Just brilliant!!!
It was nice to meet many heartlanders!!! I spent a good time!

Some interesting t-shirts (unofficial) from streetsellers:


2011...on road again...
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haha - how lame is that, thanks for purchasing and posting^^

love the text alignment of the backside though ;)
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Loved that gig as well. Not as good as London, but very close... :D
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Thanks!! 8)