Looking for Melbourne ticket swap (my 1/3 for your 28/2)

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I write in the hope that someone may be in a similar, reverse situation to me. (And that this is within the rules of the forum.)

I have 2 tickets for the March 1 show at the Corner. However, I (well, we) will be in Adelaide on that date.

I'd like to swap my March 1 tickets with anyone who finds themselves unavailable to get to the Feb 28 date.

Ideally, I'd like to swap 2 tickets with the same person, but if that's not looking hopeful, I'll swap 1 ticket with 2 people, so if you only have a single ticket available for swap, please do let me know.

I guess you can PM me here, or email me at klf004y@yahoo.com.au

BTW, I'm talking about physical, in-your-hand tickets. I'm afraid I don't know you well enough to accept name-at-box-office tickets.

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Welcome diminished ... :) ... Perhaps you should also post here ... :wink:
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Wot she said. This is kind of a general chat and I presume you're talking about the sisters gigs.
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Good luck.

Oh and I'll move the thread...
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