Who is going where?

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James Blast wrote:Yawn! where's YCBTO?
on the other side from More? :innocent:
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James Blast
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christophe wrote:
James Blast wrote:Yawn! where's YCBTO?
on the other side from More? :innocent:
Guid wan C :notworthy: :lol:
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Victim of Circumstance wrote:
paul wrote:Amsterdam
Maybe we can meet at Esch, this would be nice 8)

Unfortunately, most likely I won't make it to Amsterdam, as I have a business meeting on the following Monday morning which is starting quite early :(
Correction, job appointment on Monday morning was cancelled, so I'll be going to Amsterdam :D
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-Berlin (not being too sober)

by the way, anuone offering lift for one person from Lux to Amsterdam?
do i drive
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Well I'm only checkin' in @ AB Brussels.
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I trust one of you hardy lot's got a spreadsheet set up to track who goes where, right?


Masochistically it's the two last ones on each leg... you know, where everyone's exhausted/sick and the voice is gone.

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Dublin for me! Cant do Sonisphere but didn't want to miss the Sisters again. Was there 2 years ago. Looking fwd to this one