2014 Merchandise (Shocked and Stunned)

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Road Kill
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I'll try this in 3 areas - Please delete f not the done thing…

Anyone going to any of the dates, willing to buy some mercy for me?

Obviously, I would pay for shipping and an ale !

Looking for

1 x Military shirt XL
1 x Black Tour T-Shirt (without "The Sisters Of Mercy" written) XL
3 x enamel badges (one of each)

Sorry if this request offends, Worth a try ?

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What are the prices of the merch and do they generally accept cards or cash?
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Underneath the Rock
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Incentive cakes for fat bastards on a diet:
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Utterly Bastard Groovy Amphetamine Filth
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I only asked for a few prices, hope this helps:

€ 25,- girlie shirt
€ 10,- bag
€ 5,- enamel badge

I didn't see anyone using cards, only cash.
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Utterly Bastard Groovy Amphetamine Filth
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mug -10 eu
badge is pretty beautiful-5 eu
tour shirt-25 eu
wristband-5 eu
tea cloth-10 eu
shoping bag is 10 eu i think

that sums up most of the items.There were Anaconda shirts but only
big sizes-X to XXL-i really wanted one.
Also white shirts and a few more shirts,ahh and a working shirt-40 eu
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Lucretia My Reflection mirrorshades?
I tried to tell her
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Utterly Bastard Groovy Amphetamine Filth
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Jeremiah wrote:Lucretia My Reflection mirrorshades?
of coarse,pairs briliantly with Dominion cane,can't remember the price though :D
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Got my Anaconda shirt. Happy little bunny :D

Damn, I did not see those mugs. Here I come, Lux! People need to drink coffee after all. Or Tea.
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Amphetamine Filth
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No hoodies in the merch? I'm living in a quite raining country... :innocent:
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The hoodie i bought in 2011 tour in Paris was one of the best pieces i ever bought in quality and proved one of the most useful in cold weather and rain :D :notworthy:
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