October 12: Glasgow ABC

Gig news, reviews, set lists, thoughts, comments and observations on The Sisters live in 2015
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Road Kill
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Via sisters-pics:

"New Intro, new intrumental, Valentine, 1959 (guitars)"
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New intro, album length Lucretia, police car, body electric proper, valentine, jihad, 1959, new intro Corrosion.

Eldritch in good voice. A very good show if a tad under rehearsed!
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Amphetamine Filth
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My immediate reaction:

- Fantastic vocals; best I've heard him in, oh, 10 plus years.
- a bit of a low-energy gig and some issue with someone at the front leading to a butchered tune. Von: "that was weird, but f**k it."
- a spine-tingling 1959.

[repeat x40]
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1959 was a bit Magic FM with all those embellishments.
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Above the Chemist
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1959 was a bit Scorpions, to be honest, but pretty groovy all the same. I certainly didn't recognise Jihad & nor did anyone I spoke to, but the setlist proves it.
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Road Kill
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Set List?
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Road Kill
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I "think" the setlist was:
Crash & Burn
Body Electric
A Rock And A Hard Place
Police Car
Dr Jeep/Detonation Boulevard
Dominion/Mother Russia
First & Last & Always
Temple of love
Something Fast
Flood Ii
Vision Thing
This Corrosion

Though I'm sure there was something between Dominion and Summer that I've forgotten.
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the image is not properly displayed with the img tags so the plain link is
https://scontent-fra3-1.xx.fbcdn.net/hp ... e=5684AC00

posted by Grant Balfour in Fb :notworthy:
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Above the Chemist
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iesus wrote:the image is not properly displayed with the img tags so the plain link is
https://scontent-fra3-1.xx.fbcdn.net/hp ... e=5684AC00
Thank you ... :kiss: ;D ;D ;D ...

Wonderful setlist. Lots of things have been changed ... ;D ;D ;D ...
I like the order of the tracks.
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Amphetamine Filth
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Excellent gig. Could have done with some over-processed, Vaderised Von vocals on Jihad, though.

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Dust Witch
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Aaaaahhh! Thanks for posting. Can't wait to see/hear it.
Slight Overbomber
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A very wonderful gig! And 1959! :-)
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Slight Overbomber
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Jihad seemed to be played incredibly fast and a bit of a non event without any sort of vocals. I was never a fan of 1959 and after tonight I'm still not. Saying that , this was one of the best Sisters gigs I've seen in a long time with only a few duffers to kill the atmosphere - eg. Police Car . I would agree with the under rehearsed statement , maybe Mr E. doesn't rehearse with the band. The band were s**t hot and I felt they carried Mr E. during a couple of songs.
Probably my last Sisters gig, glad to have gone out on a good one.
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Nikolas Vitus Lagartija
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The end of Valentine was definitely under-rehearsed. And yes, what's the odd missed verse here and there between friends. His voice is definitely too shot for Body Electric too.
The wee old guy incident enlivening the inevitable Flood was certainly weird, Von finger-wagging "You have been doing that a lot tonight..." (there was an audible gasp at this point whilst everyone waiting for the waspish put-down)"...and..and it's not helping."
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Slight Overbomber
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Promise to regain my usual level of snark but must say I was delighted. Hadn't seen them since the late-90s and was fairly apprehensive.
They did not disappoint on the night.
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Gonzoid Amphetamine Filth
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Thanks for the info. Seems like fun was had. Too bad now we do get 1959 his voice ain't that great anymore.
Underneath the Rock
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It's nice to see Summer back on setlist. Other than that: it's good to see that people had fun.
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1959 :o
I want that letlist for Antwerp please :D
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stefan moermans
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christophe wrote:1959 :o
I want that letlist for Antwerp please :D
ticket :urff:
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Feeling good about last night's show. Hopefully the minor kinks will be ironed out in time for Leeds :)
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Slight Overbomber
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Definitely the best I've heard them in some time.
Shaping up for a fairly decent tour. 8)
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Gonzoid Amphetamine Filth
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Wow. That's pretty impressive setlist! Love that Valentine and Summer are back and 1959/ Jihad?!?!
Roll on Leeds!
Just goes to show that while the girls might not be releasing records they still aren't just a pure nostalgia show (...and yes i am aware of the irony in claiming that playing songs that are, or almost, 30 years old as evidence of them NOT being a nostalgia act sounds extremely flawed!)
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Utterly Bastard Groovy Amphetamine Filth
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Thank you for the reviews and setlist! :notworthy: :notworthy:

Was only the audience not allowed to take photos or even the press was not let in for three songs like before?
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Slight Overbomber
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Finally a YT clip, bit of the extended Lucretia;

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Andrew S
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The 'new intro' was from ssv. Nice:-)
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