September 27th: Paradiso, Grote Zaal, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Gig news, reviews, set lists, thoughts, comments and observations on The Sisters live in 2017
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Dr Avalanche
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It was great seeing them again after too many years. Tilburg 2005 was the last time for me.
The sound was good, but they could have turned up the overal volume a bit more imho.
From all the bootleg/live recordings over the years I knew how Eldritch's voice had developed, so no suprises there, but it was good to hear him trying to sound as in the past near the end of the set and during the encores.
I wondered if he had given up smoking, but for the encores he came onstage with a lit cigarette :)
Flood II was fantastic and all of the encores.
I had a great night out and I love the tourshirt.
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Grat to read the reviews again this morning.
Thanks for painting the picture for us :D
Just like the old days

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jost 7
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Recolver and temple sound excellent in the videos, hope to hear something fast with her also. Great she was back.
Every gig one new track wirh her, so after the end of the next tour she will sing on all. When's the next tour?
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Planet Dave
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Something Fast, sounding utterly magnificent with Lisa....

Von, sign her up permanent, you know it makes sense.

Many many thanks to the poster of this and all the exceptional vids throughout the tour, cheers to the reviewers, esp Chaotician for what amounted to a tour diary (nice t-shirt too!).

Amongst the no-doubt many reasons behind the band still touring, the YT clip of Mr Robb thanking 'the greatest hosts in Rock n' Roll' struck quite a chord with me.
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Last night was fantastic!!! I loved every minute of it. Body and Soul and Lucretia were my favourites of the night. Even some old "acquaintances" of mine (the ones that always teased me for loving The Sisters, faded glory bla bla) were blown away. HA! :twisted:
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Oh yeah...i went to this gig! Got the ticket from my son, bless his heart and my friend Bert was so kind as to come fetch me so we could go together. Arrived in A'dam early and walked to Paradiso the weather was stunning. Sitting on the top stairs was Venus and i couldn't believe it was six years ago that i had seen everyone! Anyhoo Bert & i went to have a bite to eat and as we were walking back to the old church, saw the band members standing outside. *Waved* at Von and got a return wave back then he skipped back via the back entrance and was gone from view. Then people started arriving quickly and i felt like a stranger amongst the followers but that's not a problem. Anyhoo then saw my Belgium buddy with his German buddy and we decided to go have a drink and catch up before the doors opened. It was awesome watching the people of A'dam and catching up on years of news. Time went too quickly and after our second drink decided to go back to church and boy was that line long but got in quite quickly and also made it to front row.

Then the Membranes came on and my god does John Robb have energy! :notworthy:
What a band in fact, had such a boggie not knowing them but fuckinghell their atmosphere is very addictive and John really gets involved with the crowd which was awesome. LOL i was exhausted before Sisters came on!

The mirrors hanging everywhere took a bit of getting used to but soon forgotten once they started to play. The crowd also started to come to life long last...and bam! the show started. It was just like i remembered, Ben looking like the greek god, Chris that stage presence always professional and hey you could see Ravey Dave looking really happy i must add. Von ... well we know him...hasn't aged much and still eye candy. Kicked off and was bliss except for technical difficulties Ben was having with his guitar and i could see he wasn't happy about it. Von came over to chat to him a few times. Towards the end Lisa came on and i was impressed with her voice although she seemed shy.

I for the first time at a sisters gig was lifted up on shoulders...thank you know who you are and did my dancing thingy even catching Von's eye...hahaha!
Really enjoyed the evening but usually do and picked up the set list that landed on the floor. Some other folk that hadn't seen them live before, locals were happy wirh the gig.

Afterwards went for drinks with a large group which was nice. Meeting Michael for the first time after all these years on HL was fabulous, seeing old friends, Amdrew S, your leather jacket is to die for! It was a great evening so belated thank you all! :notworthy: :notworthy:
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