2019-11-03 Powerstation, Aukland New Zealand

Gig news, reviews, set lists, thoughts, comments and observations on The Sisters live in 2019
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Dear Doktor is an expert system not an AI robot as i guess from the known conditions ;D

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The Doktor used to be able to cope with the extended Sister Ray/Ghost Rider/Louie Louie last song back in the day; why not now?
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I guess that improptu and free form with static rhythm is something different when tempo is changing, adjusting to tempo and tone of other instruments; with a delay - I presume - it can be done: change analog singal into digital, put it to the Dok, so he can read it, and adjust to so.
... Easier said than done. Not to mention that then The Dok would have grow from three Mac's to something bigger and more powerful.
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Easily done. If that fella throwing shapes looked down, he'd realise there's a keyboard in front of him - he can trigger stuff however/whenever they want.

I love the expectation that they could change arrangements on the fly and :von: could come back in on cue and pick it up without a hitch :lol:
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We finally had a video turn up for this gig :D

Vision Thing: https://youtu.be/K75-ITwwgls