2021-09-12, Roundhouse, London UK

Gig news, reviews, set lists, thoughts, comments and observations on The Sisters live in 2020
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Jeepers. https://www.roundhouse.org.uk/whats-on/ ... Cgjcl_S8RM


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Not Frankfurt
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Memphis Rich
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Ticket bought, hotel booked.
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Memphis Rich wrote:
11 Mar 2021, 16:01
Ticket bought, hotel booked.
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Amphetamine Filth
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Two tickets booked. Dunno if we'll be able to travel, but hey, we'll find out I guess.
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Slight Overbomber
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All three nights? At my age? I'll give it a bloody good go!!
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My Dominion
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I will be there. All 3 of them :-)
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Andrew S
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I'm coming if they are!
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