2023 set list: your hopes and fears?

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Road Kill
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What are your hopes and fears for this year’s setlists?


We get to hear a few more of the unheard new songs. Ray Ray in particular intrigued me but no idea why.

An unplayed or under-played back catalogue gem surfaces. I’ve always thought Driven Like The Snow would make a terrific opener, or with an extended intro could afford the avocado farmer his well earned cigarette break mid set.

Dominion returns. While MR remains unviable, a segue into Lucretia would work.

Vision Thing returns and is included in “dancey dancey” time at the end.


They persist with too much filler from VT. I’m pretty bored with Jeep-Det, More, I was wrong now.

Too little from FALAA - recall there was at least one show last year without a single track from that album.

Far Parade remains….unparaded!

Looking forward to it regardless. Am sure we will have a blast!
Road Kill
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I'd like some footage of I Will Call You where I can decipher the remaining lyrics
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Utterly Bastard Groovy Amphetamine Filth
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Well dominion technically returned in the last gigs from 2022, no segues though, I think it's safe to assume it's gonna be played again at some point during this tour.

Far Parade will never see the light on the day, the chord progression became Show Me, and I don't see von taking the time to revisit an unreleased song from 10 years ago co authored by a member of the band that isn't around anymore (unfortunately).

I'm expecting VT fillers too, I'd prefer having train/det back instead of jeep/det.

Last tour we had a dearth of FALAA material, i don't see it coming back anytime soon, we had a big Falaa moment from 2014 to 2017 with rock and a hard place, nttc, walk away and logic being played non-stop, but I guess all those spots of the set list are being filled by new songs.

I hope to see more new new songs in the set list and a final version of kickline, and maybe another shot on Better reptile as it feels unpolished.

Finally I realllly wish they dropped instrumental 86 in favour of top nite out, jihad or rain from heaven.

With all that said, I'd be the happiest lad on earth if driven like the snow made the cut
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Black Planet makes it beyond sound check
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Planet Dave
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Hopes : Ribbons - full slew of unreleased songs - Doctor Jeep extended encore, guitarists and Dok thrashing away long after Von has stubbed out his second post-gig cig.

Fears : none, it's just a gig, go with the flow and have a damn fine time.

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Road Kill
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She's a monster!
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Utterly Bastard Groovy Amphetamine Filth
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It was played last year, and i know Andrew's vocal limitations mean it doesn't sound like it did in the 90s (Roseland 98 in particular), but Giving Ground is a particular favourite of mine. If it is still in setlist at London, Bristol Newcastle or Glasgow, I'll be crying happy tears from the first note
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No hopes and no fears.
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Utterly Bastard Groovy Amphetamine Filth
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iesus wrote:
23 Apr 2023, 11:26
Only thing left is to be lucky and have them on a particular day in good form and shape.
I agree with that....I persuaded the missus to come along so for them to be in good form and shape would be grand....especially as she has to endure me banging on about how...err, great they are/were...........
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Amphetamine Filth
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I fear that, having told all my mates how strong the new material is, that all of it vanishes from the setlist in 2023!
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Slight Overbomber
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I just want the sound to be louder. Especially the Doktor. People sometimes blame the Roundhouse sound but if you saw Amenra support the girls there in 2019 they were fantastically loud.
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Utterly Bastard Groovy Amphetamine Filth
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Hopes - Lots of old stuff because I am old :lol:
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Above the Chemist
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As a wildcard, I think it would be fun if they threw in an SSV number - it's just the typical kind of perverse idea that might appeal to Von. My vote goes to Feel No Pain or STFU.
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Gonzoid Amphetamine Filth
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I’m hoping for Under The Gun in the US gigs 😂😂
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Road Kill
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I was finely touched by "God Only Knows" over PA after set and well tempered with "Good Vibrations" as intro and like to imagine something bastardly off hand like "Balenciaga" for the take away and the realization that I wouldn't actually KNOW but that it would do it's work (on site) regardless.
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stefan moermans
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well call me an idiot, but I can live without the new songs hahahaha

hope to have less VT, less new songs, more of early days.

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lazarus corporation
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Personally I'd like to hear
  • a lot more of the new-new (Dylan Smith era) songs
  • some of the old-new songs (top picks would be Romeo Down, Summer, We Are The Same Susanne)
  • a few songs from the pre-1985 singles (Alice, ToL are probably expected, but a fast Body Electric, a droning Heartland, or a raw Floorshow would be a very welcome surprise)
  • a smattering of songs from the 3 albums (although I think it's time to rest 'Doctor Jeep / Detonation Boulevard' for a bit)
  • at least two songs from the Reptile House EP (I'm going to both London gigs, so one per night would be acceptable thankyouverymuch - Kiss the Carpet and Burn if we're taking requests)
  • a bit more growl on the bass, a little bit more volume across the board, and a preposterous amount of smoke (and mirrors)
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Road Kill
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Hoping for Black Planet, Some kind of stranger and Emma, fearing for Vons voice with a quadrillion gigs till Glasgow...hoping for different tee shirt merch also... 8)
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Ocean Moves
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Hopes : Kiss the Carpet, Better Reptile, Kickline
bothering with amusing or interesting cover versions - they seem to have disappeared completely (think : Jolene, Confide in Me, Comfortably Numb, Police car, {something new} )

Fears : More of the same
Road Kill
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Hope : a soundboard recording
Fear : no new new new tracks
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Faster Than The Light Of Speed
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it will be what it is. always boss watever they play. however as i am going to both nights in Camden some variance between the sets would be nice. Valentine could use a resurgance . Vision Thing should be nailed on. Blood Money would make me smile.
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Ocean Moves wrote:
30 Apr 2023, 13:15
Hopes : Kiss the Carpet, Better Reptile, Kickline
bothering with amusing or interesting cover versions - they seem to have disappeared completely (think : Jolene, Confide in Me, Comfortably Numb, Police car, {something new} )
I'd quite like to see a cover dropped in too.
I Wanna Be Your Dog or something of that ilk
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Road Kill
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I feel like fitting a cover in the setlist might be hard right now between probably trying to stuff in as many new songs as they can while also keeping the old famous ones a lot of people want to hear
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Utterly Bastard Groovy Amphetamine Filth
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Am always there for Marian & Rock And Hard Place even if they aren’t ;D
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Amphetamine Filth
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stefan moermans wrote:
28 Apr 2023, 07:47
well call me an idiot, but I can live without the new songs hahahaha

hope to have less VT, less new songs, more of early days.

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fears : she 's a monster, i will call you, better reptile, black sail, there' s a door, tol, det/jeep
hopes : six ways to sunday, on the beach, walk away, under the gun, 2 guitar players
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