Now available - A collection of SOM Remixes on cd !

Have you established a good reputation at HL and got some Sisters stuff to sell or trade with the community? Or are you searching for that elusive ultra rare live bootleg from 1988? Ever had a bad experience with a trader on Ebay? Let us all know here. Outdated threads will be purged over time.

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Road Kill
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If anbody is interested, a collection of 7 rare DJ remixes named SISTERS OF MERCY - The UltraTraxx Mixes, are now being sold (legaly) directly from, for only 3.99 GBP i !?

There are lots of other DJ-only remix collection"s, now available for the first time collected, also available are 4 other cd"s containing RARE DJ SOM REMIXES !

P.S. - I have spoken to the owner of the web-site, he told me that more rare items will be added, in the near future !

I hope you"ll find this info usefull / interesting :) !

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Above the Chemist
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Highly doubt these are legal.
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Hi J.SETH & welcome to the forum.

Looks like a bootleg to me & they've been on youtube for 6 or 7 years too.
I also see thatThe UltraTraxx Mixes are not permitted to be sold on the discogs market place.
So, yep. Bootleg.

I'll move it to trading.
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Gonzoid Amphetamine Filth
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The Sisters Of Mercy - Shout (Ultrasound Extended Version) 8.50

Seems legit to me :innocent:
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Above the Chemist
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Rise891 wrote:The Sisters Of Mercy - Shout (Ultrasound Extended Version) 8.50

Seems legit to me :innocent:
... :lol: ...
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These versions are the same as the Hellraiser mixes from some years back, just renamed!
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That's probably where he got them from!
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