The Sharing Section as a new member

For you to give feedback to the Heartland moderators. Wish lists, fault reports, etc. You may get an answer, you may not. As in all things, it largely depends on how nicely you ask the people in charge... You're welcome.
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Road Kill
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Question, as a new member who's not really social and has recently had my whole collection of vinyl and CD's Plus computer was stolen with all FLAC backup's etc... but found enough stuff can upload... was going to upload what i had if anybody interested anyways but without access... Can we upload stuff to show were serious to gain access
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Firstly, hello @WTFDIDNJay & welcome to HL.
Secondly, the mechanism by which the sharing board is accessible applies to everybody so as to make it fair.
It even applies to :von: himself.
If you haven't already, please read the announcement here.

So please do take the time to jump in to other discussions for a while & then the sharing board will soon open its doors. :)

Incidentally, I moved this to the feedback section as I think it sits better there
Just like the old days

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