Lucretia's hard rain + other thoughts

Got any interesting thoughts on a set of lyrics? Any that don't involve the word "indeed"? Find yourself struggling to decipher all those obtuse references Von makes? Read "1959 And All That" and still no clearer? Nope, us neither. Postcards found lying in a skip around the back of the Chemists can be found here... Don't say you weren't warned.
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I know that the reference to Dylan's "A hard rain's a-gonna fall" has been noted before, but I was wondering how much it's really been explored - since I think, perhaps, that the associations go further than a mere single pun. e.g.:
  • "I hear the roar of a big machine two worlds and in between" vs. "I heard the sound of a thunder that roared out a warnin'; Heard the roar of a wave that could drown the whole world"
  • Is there a relationship between the 'sons of the city' and Dylan's 'blue eyed son'?
  • Obviously the allusion to the Dylan song brings in all of that song's apocalyptic imagery - which brings Lucretia firmly into line with the "floodland" theme.
Also, I noticed on the official lyrics page that he's written "I hear dive, bombers" - note the comma. I'm not exactly sure what that's getting at, but it did focus my attention on the word "dive" - which of course also has aquatic connotations ...

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