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Posted: 23 Sep 2015, 11:00
by Being645
AmericanDream wrote:To address the question of what incident may have occurred to inspire Vonald McDonald to write the song, in an interview around Floodland time he mentioned having done methedrine in NY at about the time the incident in NY mentioned above was to take place. From what he described, it sounds like an eventful week (methedrine apparently keeping him awake for that long).
Methedrine, maybe. Acid comedown is quite the same ...
AmericanDream wrote: Also, perhaps interesting to note is that Thomas Edison's movie studio/giant camera was called the Black Mariah.
That's interesting news to me ... :) ... Sound almost perfect in my ears. Criminal anyway ...
AmericanDream wrote: Not saying that's what Eldorado is saying, but I will note that an early sign of amphetamine psychosis is disorganized, very tangential thinking.
... :lol: ... Where did you read that? In a book, I guess. IMHO, people have different ways of thinking.
Making free associations was a modern style of thinking decades ago, while nowadays most would hardly dare,
even if they could remember who they were ... except you call it "brainstorming" ... and have never ever taken to drugs, of course ... :wink: ...

Posted: 23 Sep 2015, 12:32
by paint it black
markfiend wrote:
paint it black wrote:spiggy small cock. Was an early variant
Oh no not again!
:lol: :lol: :twisted: ;D

Re: Afterhours

Posted: 29 Nov 2020, 21:17
by Nyth Grandbeard
How do you all feel about the interpretation proposed in Waiting For Another War where the song is about Patricia Morrison? I feel like it's a possibility, however it could just as easily be about any number of lovers I suppose.