Happy Birthday Patsy!

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56 today. hope youre having a wicked day 8)
(definitely the best looking bassist the sisters ever had.)
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Have a triffic birthday Patricia.
Just like the old days
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Happy Birthday Patricia, have fun.
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Not Frankfurt
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http://rocknwomen.avidnoise.com/2020/04 ... Wkqu6a9C0c

Not allowed to discuss the band? Don't remember hearing that before..
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Is that entirely true? I'm sure you can't legally stop someone discussing a certain period in their lives, but you can come to an arrangement. I don't know, just seems like it might be exaggerated, and I'm not saying it was Patricia's fault.

The main point is: happy birthday you magnificent human!
🎵 Good times come to me now 🎶
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Yeah I read that and thought 'she just doesn't want to talk about it'. To us it's all just an intriguing story but to her, it was probably an awful experience. That's fair enough. You can't blame her for wanting to move on with her life and not be defined by just one period of it.

Also, happy birthday Patricia, if you read this, you're looking great!
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Happy birthday lovely lady :kiss:
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As far as I remember, they had a mutual agreement not to talk about each other when Patricia was dismissed from the band.
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I recall Patsy sued Von in the 90s over unpaid fees. IIRC, the case was settled out of court.

While settling, both parties agree to put a public lid on the matter. The tact Von aired his dirty laundry in UTR some time before the gag.
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