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Got any interesting thoughts on a set of lyrics? Any that don't involve the word "indeed"? Find yourself struggling to decipher all those obtuse references Von makes? Read "1959 And All That" and still no clearer? Postcards found lying in a skip around the back of the Chemists can be found here... Don't say you weren't warned.
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elamanamou wrote:My favourite Sisters new song
Yeah, you're right..took me a while, but..yeah :notworthy:
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I posted it lightheartedly in a thread elsewhere, but I'm pasting it here for posterity because I'm not really joking, I think there's an argument to be made that it's all about... not releasing albums.

It's all one big troll.

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And in a gap between the stars.         >  stars = released albums
There is no captain till you do.        >  Von will do whatever the f$ck he pleases
We threw a line; we did not deep it.    >  he promised a release but didn't mean it
They were many, we are few.             >  there are lots of new songs! but studio recording is tedious

I keep my fireworks on the bridge.      >  Von keeps his recordings to himself
Hurl the crew from side to side.        >  he likes to f$ck around with his band members
Unfurl the sail, the world is wide.     >  he has other important stuff to do
They were many, we are few.             >  there are lots of new songs!! but releasing records is hard work

Heave away, heave away, boys.           >  the band members helped him write new songs
That's what you do.                     >  that's what they're for
Heave away, heave away, boys.           >  yup they fell for it
They were many, we are few.             >  lots of songs!!! but not for you
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I'd say that's reasonable.
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