Translated "Nye takter" interview - Norway 1985

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This article was written in connection with the concert of May 16th 1985 in Oslo, and the release of "First And Last And Always" in Norway the following day.

Translated article follows - caveat lector.

Magazine: "Nye takter", no. 123, July 3rd, 1985 (NORWAY)
Title: Legends of rock - do they exist?
Byline: Jan Rustad
Photo: Siri Briest

The Leeds-band SISTERS OF MERCY took their name from an old Leonard Cohen song. They released their first, embryonic, single "Damage Done" four years ago. They are now big in their home country, but fairly unknown in Norway. Their new LP, "First And Last And Always", ought to correct this.

They quietly appeared in a sea of smoke. The lighting was calculated and should have been filmed for future inspiration. They stood like western heroes in the dusk while the light and smoke rolled over the audience. People stood stunned in awed silence.

- We prefer darkness. We are actually ugly-looking and would much rather see the audience instead of them seeing us. This is about creating an environment and a mood we are comfortable with, an environment where our music can grow. Our use of light and smoke helps us relax, but this use of effects can never be the main thing - that will always be the music.

The band became popular for various reasons. They had chosen a good name and they had made a T-shirt, and then it was time to make a record. They looked around at the people making records and becoming stars, and thought they could do it better on their own.

- The lyrics are important, perhaps most important of all. One must truly stand behind the lyrics because they are sung time and time again, one must live with them for the rest of the life. You must be intelligent to understand our lyrics, you must be awake. We are intentionally subtle instead of preaching a message and trying to convert people to our cause. There is a bigger chance of making a lasting impression by appealing to the subconsciousness, by starting a thought process in the listener. Band which present a digested set of meanings are vulgar because they underestimate the intelligence of their audience. They are also easily forgotten because they don't make a lasting impression.

- I cannot understand that some people, like tonight, even bother or can afford to pay ten quid to come and sling abuse and spit at us. Why couldn't that small minority have stayed home and not disturbed the great majority who actually liked us?

- One can get the impression that you intentionally try to keep the audience at an arm's length?

- Not intentionally. I personally think it is difficult to obtain any kind of closeness to an audience of several hundred, not to mention thousands. I try to solve it by choosing one or a few in the audience and play for them - they notice that and give their response. We always come out afterwards and talk with our audience, we are actually quite friendly people. We certainly have egos, but I wouldn't say that they are swollen. We know what we can do, and I see nothing wrong with that. People compare us to Bauhaus, which is quite amusing because we despise them. We look further back and see ourselves as heirs of Led Zeppelin and The Doors, maybe even Television. People are so ignorant these days, and if our music can enlighten people and make them research historic bands, then some of our intention is fulfilled.

- I don't agree that we are gloomy and depressive. We see ourselves as sober optimists. Our music is a reflection of the time and environment we live in, but that doesn't make us depressive. Our music reflects positive realism in opposition to the common pop music of today which babbles about eternal love. True love lasts the night.

- We shall become rock legends. It is about time that someone from our side of the spectrum shall become famous. That may open opportunities for other bands.

- Were are we in ten years? One or two of us will probably be dead. I believe the human body can only take so much abuse - I'm not just talking about artificial stimuli - we work around the clock all week in the studio.

- Success? When can we call ourselves successful? I have always regarded the term "cult heroes" as another way of saying "fiasco". The day we can come to Oslo and play for six thousand people, not three hundred and fifty like tonight, that day I will admit that we are successful. It is nights like this one that make us realise that there is still much to do and a long way to go, even though we draw audiences of thousands in France, Germany and Belgium.
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