Some rares on Ebay III

Have you established a good reputation at HL and got some Sisters stuff to sell or trade with the community? Or are you searching for that elusive ultra rare live bootleg from 1988? Ever had a bad experience with a trader on Ebay? Let us all know here. Outdated threads will be purged over time.

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ruffers wrote: 02 Aug 2023, 14:33 There's a This Corrosion shirt on there for the Large people. The one I had was large, I'm starting to think that's the only size. Should you ever spy an xl do let me know..
My shirt collecting days are mainly in the past now, aside from new tour shirts but I'm pretty sure that was only ever available as a large, and was a promotional item at the time of the singles original release.
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Very nice, name rings a bell ;D ... ... R9DEzPvaYg

Didn't see the flyers anywhere at the Roundhouse. I don't suppose anyone picked up more than they technically need, did they?
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Someone was looking for this..... Vision Thing promo tape ... R8b6hb_gYw
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