Interview with Ben before the Zagreb gig 05.11.23

Post your reviews of Sisters-related material or interviews with Sisters-related musicians here. And don't believe the hype: 1985 most definitely is a fashion statement.
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Ben is asked a lot of the usual questions and is also asked about Andrew's health issues and about Dylan and Kai which he expertly as ever answers as positively as possible without giving anything too much away!
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A lovely read ... :D ... he even mentions Ingo (for his videos) and Tobias (for his covers) , that's very kind ... :notworthy: :D ...
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Ben wrote:Andrew would say: "I'll set Doktor Avalanche to this speed, and let's just see what happens"
If you set it to 192bpm, you get Sigue Sigue Sputnik!
Ben wrote:It was with the song "Eyes Of Caligula". As I understand, the lyrics are about Margaret Thatcher and England in the 1980s. He has had the lyrics since 1986, I think, and he just never put it to music, and now, finally, two years ago, we put it to music.
So that means we still have a hope that in 15 years we'll finally get "Far Parade"
"We're Hawkwind and this is a song about love."
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