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Are we still here!? Gig news, reviews, set lists, thoughts, comments and observations on The Sisters 2024 tour.
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Naturally enough travelling all that way over an immensely large pond to the good ol US of A is neither cheap nor inexpensive. On top of that it will probably cost a lot of ££££
however should any of my ex-collonial cousins who are planning to see a concert or 2 want a big bald dolop of eastmids goodness zzzzzing on their couch for a couple of days then i would very much like to consider my bucket-listed mainstay plan of coming on over there and speaking your own mother tongue at you in ways you didnt know were possible.

i have longstanding invitations to several non-Sisters friends in Virginia, Seattle, Alabammy, Nevada & Florida who wouldnt dare recind should i ever take em up on it. ive even got blood relatives in New England. mesage me .
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